Laryngeal & Vocal Massage

Adam has a niche interest in vocal massage. He works from the basis that the voice is a product of muscle action in the same sense that running is. A tired voice for a singer is comparable to tired legs in a runner. Most singers understand that tension and fatigue can affect their voice but until they really start to treat their voice seriously few realise the tremendous benefit that can be achieved from vocal massage.

A vocal massage treatment will focus on reducing tension in the diaphragm, chest, shoulders, throat, neck, head and jaw. However, Adam will also assess neck, back and pelvic posture as well as core muscular function (AKA Core stability) to correct any faults that might be maintaining sub-glottic pressure and leading to increased vocal workload.

A defining factor of the greatest performers, in sport or singing, is their ability to make ‘it’ look effortless. This is because if we perform well with minimum effort then when we put in maximum effort you can produce a world class performance. Vocal fatigue and muscle tension makes singing anything but effortless. It can result in loss of vocal range, pain and voice inconsistency. A vocal massage aims to address issue in these muscles and joints giving you the ability to exercise the muscles fully and crucially rest well so that when you come to perform all your effort goes toward helping you produce your best rather than just getting you off the starting blocks.

The benefits of a vocal massage include:

    • Improved posture, helping breath support,
    • Release of tension around the head, neck, jaw, tongue and larynx, helping with resonance, articulation and phonation,
  • Keeping the larynx in a normal, relaxed position.

As well as singers Adam also treats voice related symptoms in anybody who needs to project their voice from barristers to primary school teachers.

For more information about Vocal Massage please contact Adam e-mail.