WooHoo!! My Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) will be going ahead soon!

If all goes to plan my SCT will go ahead in the second week of July.
It’s a definite step forward but I’ve got mixed feelings. It’s going to be an arduous 2-3 weeks, mostly in a special positive air pressure room to minimise the possibility of infection. Even in the absence of C19 the standard advice for this procedure is to self isolate for 100 days afterwards so at least I’ve had a warm up!! I think the best way to think about the next phase it is that I’m very much looking forward to when it’s done… that said my consultant has promised an unlimited supply of ice lollies so it can’t be that bad!

PS I’ve received a number of very kind emails over recent weeks which I haven’t replied to yet. Thank you for all your messages, I will reply when things calm down a bit

Registered Osteopath, GOsC 7813