The Fire is Still Burning.

Dear All,

Thank you for all the kind and generous messages following my last post. I was really up lifted to receive so many… Thank you.

Work Update.
Unfortunately it looks very unlikely that I’ll be able to work face to face with clients until there is a Corona virus vaccine and in the short term I’m afraid the chemo meds make my brain to fuzzy to consider any video options.

In the longer term I have started to consider the future without my own clinic and there is a part of me that’s actually quite excited about not having my own place. I can see this might give me more flexibility to provide a better service through consultations in more targeted, client specific, locations like gyms, work places, or even car parks (I’ve that before with people who got pain specifically when driving!) I don’t want to expand too much now as there’s a long way to go yet but just wanted to let people know that the fire is still burning in me and there maybe some interesting ‘out of the box’ ideas to come, so please watch this space.

Treatment Update:
I’m coming to the end of my 6th cycle of chemo. There are possibly another  2 cycles to come but the purpose of it is to reduce my cancer levels and they seem to have plateaued so I’m keen to get on with the next step which is a Stem Cell Transplant (SCT). This is a major thing because if it goes well it is a life extending treatment and has the added benefit of a decent period off all medications, so all my guns are focused on trying to push that through at the moment.

Personal Update:
We, Petra and I, are taking things 1 day at a time. There are so many variables it’s impossible to really do anything else. That said things don’t seem too bad. William is 6 months now and developing into a very smiley (and loud!) young man. Lucy has taken to her big sister role like a duck to water, even if she does threaten to throw ‘the boy’ in the bin most days!! Obviously, there are hard days but they are rarer than you might expect and we are fortunate to have plenty to be grateful for.

If you’ve read all of this post then thank you for your interest. I will keep this page updated with my progress and any major developments. In the meantime I hope you and your family are well and safe in these crazy times. Take care, stay safe and don’t forget to smile. X

Registered Osteopath, GOsC 7813