Sports Massage & Remedial Massage

Sports massage (sometimes called deep tissue or remedial massage) is a robust style of treatment not just for sports people. It is very effective at relieving the muscular tension that many people carry as a result of stress or activities of daily living like using the computer or driving as well as strenuous sporting activity.

A client receiving a sports massage

Sports Massage at Lace Market Clinic

Elaine Atkinson is our lead Sports massage therapist. She came to physical therapy after a back issue prompted her to ‘find out for herself’ what was going on and why, only anticipating using her knowledge for herself but less than a year later, she was running her own clinic, EAST Sports Therapy, in Newark. First hand knowledge of dealing with her own back pain enables Elaine to really engage with her clients and help them get to the root of the problem.

Started by Adam Richmond over 10 years ago The Lace Market Clinic is one on the most established sports massage clinics in Nottingham.  We are proud of our reputation of really helping our clients and not running a conveyor belt one in one out type system. We have a small tight knit team and we often get together to discuss tricky clients with the aim of doing the best we can to get clients better and back to doing what they want to do. Adam originally trained in Sports Massage before becoming an Osteopath. These days he still does some sports massage but his clinical interests have lead him to focus on more complex clients requiring more investigation and diagnostic work and less hands on but  he shares his skills and experience with the rest of the team at LMC with regular in house training and case discussion.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Many clients have an intuitive understanding that they need a good deep tissue massage to maintain good musculoskeletal function but might not fully understand why such tension has built up. Treatments are therefore based on a thorough case history and physical assessment so they can be tailored to the individual client. Sports massage sessions will typically include stretching and joint mobilisation techniques for maximum benefit as well as self care advice. Common sites include the upper back and shoulders and legs particularly hamstrings and calves. To find out more about the benefits of deep tissue massage please click here.

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Sports Massage Testimonials

“Great and friendly service! I’m an endurance athlete and have visited LMC for sports massage over the past couple of years for preventative treatment and also several training related injuries. I have always been delighted with the advice, treatment and results..”

Paul G. Nov 2016.

“I visited the Lace Market Clinic in Nottingham after damaging my bicep. I found my assessment appointment both informative & reassuring. As with any active person it’s comforting to be told your ailment can be cured. I was finding the limiting effects of my injury frustrating.”

Richard B. Oct 2014.