Sports Massage & Remedial Massage

Sports massage (sometimes called deep tissue or remedial massage) is a robust style of treatment not just for sports people.

Sports Massage It is very effective at relieving the muscular pain and tension that many people carry as a result of stress or activities of daily living like using the computer or driving as well as strenuous sporting activity.

Started by Adam Richmond over 10 years ago The Lace Market Clinic is one on the longest established sports massage clinics in Nottingham.  We are proud of our reputation of really helping our clients and not running a conveyor belt one in one out type system. Our small tight knit team of Sports Massage Therapists will always aim to get to the root cause of your problem.

All our sports massage requests and clients are now being handled by Adjust Massage in West Bridgford.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Many clients have an intuitive understanding that they need a good deep tissue massage to maintain good musculoskeletal function but might not fully understand why such tension has built up. Treatments are therefore based on a thorough case history and physical assessment, so they can be tailored to the individual client. Sports massage sessions will typically include stretching and joint mobilisation techniques for maximum benefit as well as exercise and self-care advice. Common sites include the upper back and shoulders and legs particularly hamstrings and calves. To find out more about the benefits of deep tissue massage please click here.

What are the effects of Sports Massage?

There has been much debate in the medical literature over the validity of hands on treatment versus hands off treatment. We believe the main benefit of sports massage is to give short term symptomatic relief of tension and fatigue by stimulating blood flow and physically stretching and moving parts of the body that can be difficult to get to by yourself. This style of treatment therefore provides relaxation and symptom relief which can in itself be all that is required if the symptom is an unavoidable product of sitting at a desk in the course of one’s work. Treatment may alternatively provide a window of opportunity for the client to take control of their symptoms with strengthening or mobilisation exercises or indeed whilst a stress in a person’s life is dealt with.

At Lace Market Clinic our sports massage treatments last up to 40 mins or 1 hour. Our aim is always to get you feeling better and we understand that engaging your opinion on all aspects of the treatment, including whether the pressure is too heavy, or light is an important part of that. We will always endeavour to help you get the best from the treatment and this means we will be careful not too overtreat if a desired goal has been achieved.

Why choose Lace Market Clinic for Sports Massage?

At Lace market Clinic we aim to get to the root cause of our client’s problem. All of our Sports Massage Therapists are all highly qualified and have specialist areas of interest beyond the scope of basic sports massage. We believe in being honest with our clients and if we are struggling with a presentation we will work with the client to try and get to the best possible outcome rather than just blindly doing the same thing over and over. In particularly complex situations, and if possible, it is not unusual for us to call on each other for a second opinion meaning that you might get 2 brains for the price of 1.


Does a sports massage hurt?

It can do but it doesn’t have to. A common comment from our sports massage clients is ‘It hurts but it feels good!’ Remember you are in control and if something is too much just tell us to stop or back off.

How does Sports Massage work?

Sports massage is generally a focused approach to treatment. This means we will work on the specific areas that are required to make a change and won’t waste time doing things just for the sake of it. You should expect a moderate to robust ‘hands on’ treatment aimed at reducing muscle tension and aiding recovery from injury. The techniques applied will stimulate local blood flow, thus softening the tissues and increasing flexibility and mobility.

Is Sports Massage just for Sports People?

No. Anyone can have sports massage. In fact, most of our clients are office workers with tight backs and tension in their necks and shoulders associated with sitting at a desk all day long and stress.

How does Sports Massage help with stress?

Mind and body really are related. Sports massage reduces physical tension in the muscles and if the muscles feel relaxed so does the mind. If stress is a factor in your presentation our practitioners may encourage you to focus on mindful breathing during your treatment thus providing a double whammy of stress relief. Please tell us at the start if you are particularly keen to try this.

How soon after injury can I receive sports massage?

It depends on the injury. For acute injuries that haven’t required a trip to A&E immediate treatment can be very beneficial however we recommend you call and chat to Adam before booking. Immediate treatment in unskilled hands can make things worse but done well it can significantly speed up your recovery so give Adam a call.

Will there be any side effects to sports massage?

Everybody responds differently to treatment. Some soreness and fatigue is common but these symptoms are unlikely to last for more than 36 hours. Bruising is unusual with sports massage but can happen and is quite likely with suction cup techniques. If you ever have a significant flare up after a treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll either reassure you that what you’re experiencing is normal or give the appropriate advice. NB if you have a particularly sensitive presentation it may treatments to tune into your specific requirements. In this circumstance we will always try to err on the side of caution. Please remember that if you ever feel a treatment is too much you can ask us to stop or reassess what we are doing.

What to expect?

We will most probably ask you to dress down to your underwear for the treatment. Full cotton briefs and rear fastening bra are most appropriate for the ladies. And, please no baggy boxer shorts for the men, nobody wants things dropping out! We do however regularly treat people in T shirts and leggings so please bring whatever you feel most comfortable in. We will provide and use towels during the treatment to keep you warm and protect your modesty where appropriate.

At the first appointment you should expect that we spend more time discussing what exactly you want from the treatment, your medical history and lifestyle. We will also perform a standing exam to assess your posture, range and quality of movement. All this information will then be put together to develop a holistic treatment plan aimed at getting to the root cause of the problem

What actually is a Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is not one specific technique. It’s better to think of it as an approach to treatment, derived from the requirements of sports people. It encompasses the use of many and varied massage techniques to achieve it’s aim. Because of this different therapists have different approaches based in the technique preferences. One therapists may use more ‘elbow’ for direct deep tissue work. Another may use more muscle stretching or joint articulation. Sports massage can also encompass use of soft tissue tools like a Hypervolt Vibration massage device or the ancient Chinese art of suction cupping. If there are any specific approaches you would like to try please contact us prior to your sports massage treatment.

Sports Massage Testimonials

“Great and friendly service! I’m an endurance athlete. I have visited LMC for sports massage over the past couple of years for preventative treatment and also several training related injuries. I have always been delighted with the advice, treatment and results..”

Paul G. Nov 2016.

“I visited the Lace Market Clinic in Nottingham after damaging my bicep. I found my assessment appointment both informative & reassuring. As with any active person it’s comforting to be told your ailment can be cured. I was finding the limiting effects of my injury frustrating.”

Richard B. Oct 2014.