Technical Running Analysis

Slow motion gait analysis and technical gait training with Tom Daw is to help runners become more efficient and resilient to injury.

We like to say it’s Evolution not Revolution because changing your running technique takes time and effort. Think about how you walk whilst you walk… If you concentrate hard enough you’ll soon notice walking becomes awkward and clunky. It is difficult to know exactly what you’re doing and often people will think they’re doing something but the video will show something completely different. This is why we like to deliver the service as package of 4 separate 1 hr sessions designed to give you the tools you need to implement the change over time rather than a 1 hit wonder.

Running Coach Analysis

Video Gait Assessment

Appointment 1: Case History Consultation & Video Assessment

As well as finding out about your current situation and what you’re trying to achieve Tom will need to gather information on your running history and any previous injuries. Have you run 50 marathons or are you just trying to get round the local Park Run. Did you break a leg falling out of a tree as a child or mash up your ankle falling off a motorcycle in your early twenties. Even if they’re not felt to be related to your current problem this sort of stuff might be changing the way you run.  Please have a good think, perhaps even write a list of previous injuries and niggles before you come in.

Video Assessment

We require two 30 second clips of video. (back and side views). However, dysfunctional patterns are generally easier to spot at faster speeds so we will ask you to warm up for a few mins first and then shoot the video at ‘a good for you jogging speed’. If you’re not able to run for at least 10 minutes without pain it would be more appropriate to book an appointment with Adam.

What to bring

You should bring 2 pairs of running shoes (indoor and outdoor, we don’t like to get mud in our nice clean video suite!) and any orthotics you wear or have been prescribed previously. Please remember we want to see how your whole body is moving so tight fitting running clothes top and bottom are best. Long baggy shorts are useless!

Appointments 2-4 (Please bring indoor and outdoor trainers)

Appointments 2-4 will be different for everybody because they are tailored to you, based on your requirements and to be honest the weather! (Tom likes to be outside whenever possible.) But they will generally follow 1 of 4 themes.

Video Suite

In these appointments Tom might concentrate on technique, in which case you’ll be on and off the treadmill with the video running tinkering with your technique.


Strengthening can be done indoor or outdoor. We try to keep things simple using the minimum amount of equipment but you might need to buy a few elastics to carry on with these at home


Again this can be done in or out doors which very much depends on Tom’s mood!

Outdoor Running

We believe running is an outdoor sport. Unless your assessment is occuring in the depths of winter we will try and get you outside for at least 1 session to make sure you’re new technique translates to real world scenarios.