Running Injuries

Running injuries are split into 2 categories. Those that are painful now and are stopping a person from running or those that will flare when a runner pushes their speed or distance beyond a certain level.

When to see Adam

Adam is ‘The Pain Man’. If you’re not able to run because of pain we have to suspect tissue damage. We  recommend you book an appointment to see Adam. He will give you a through assessment, diagnose your pain and help to get you back on the trail.

When to see Tom

Tom is ‘The Running Man’. If you’re able to run but you know that increasing your speed or distance is going to hurt you should book to see Tom for a full video gait analysis. Injuries following this pattern mean something is being overloaded. To fix this you need to change the way you run or strengthen something or most likely a combination of the both. Tom will work with you to do this.