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Tom is ‘The Running Man’. A running coach with 20 Marathons and 3 Ultras under his belt Tom knows a bit about running. Mainly based at Nottingham University where he heads up the Advanced Running Group. Tom works with runners of all abilities, coaching safe running and helping clients to build resilience to injuries and develop that all important speed! He is also experienced in helping runners with disabilities. In 2018 he ran the London Marathon as a guide for a visually impaired athlete.

He is available at Lace Market Clinic on Saturday mornings to provide Slow Motion Video Gait Analysis and crucially technical and strength training to help you implement the modifications to your technique. We recommend  gait analysis is taken in blocks of 4 sessions because getting results is dependent on doing the right stuff in training to make the changes you desire. Put simply it’s easy to tell you what to do differently but it is much more difficult to actually implement the change and know you’re doing it right. He also offers a 1-1 running coach service but there’s a long waiting list for this service as many of his clients have been with him for years… and there’s only so much running even Tom can do in 1 week!

Tom Daw Running Coach with Agata before the 2018 London Marathon

Tom and Agata before the 2018 London Marathon

‘Wonderful Tom’ – This is what Agata said about Tom after completing the London Marathon together:

‘I’ve worked with Tom at the gym for about a year now on strength and conditioning. It’s something I really enjoy and also something I want to get right – keeping the correct form is harder when you’re visually impaired.  Tom has been really supportive of my running, always encouraging me and giving me great advice.  When I found out I had a place in the London marathon and would have a spare guide running place I knew Tom would be a great addition to the team.  I couldn’t have been more right – running the London marathon with two guide runners for the first 18 miles was really useful, sharing the guiding and passing of water and fuel.  And when my other guide runner had to drop back after 18 miles Tom and I continued strong to the end.  Not having run much with Tom in the past, but having the trusting relationship built from working in the gym together, I knew he was someone who could be relied on during a marathon and it turned out to be so.  We dodged through the crowds and I think both of us were overwhelmed running down the Mal.  This isn’t going to be the last of our running adventures together!’
Agata Cienciala, April 2018

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Tom runs a ‘liquid’ diary system to enable him to fit in his many and various commitments. He is generally always able to squeeze people in within a week or two. To book an appointment for a running gait assessment please contact Tom direct tommykd@hotmail.co.uk

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