Multiple Myeloma

Adam, Petra, Lucy and William.

In November 2019 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma (Plasma Cell Cancer) and am currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment which is likely to run until late Spring/early Summer 2020. Most of the treatment is planned to be completed as an outpatient and I am hopeful of being fit enough to continue seeing clients, on a significantly reduced basis, during this time. However, there are a couple of issues my clients need to be aware of:


Plasma cells are the basis of our immune response in the blood, therefore immunosuppression is a particular concern in Multiple Myeloma. I need to be very careful not to have close contact with anyone who may be carrying any sort of bacterial or viral infection (coughs, cold, tummy bugs, chicken pox etc). This means I cannot treat people who may be carrying infections and ask that under this circumstance you cancel your appointment.

Reduced Resilience

I have reduced resilience. This means I can quickly become very tired and may need to cancel appointments at short notice. I am hopeful of managing this by reducing my workload, however, your patience in bearing with me if this happens would be appreciated.

Cancelled appointments for either of the above reasons

Obviously, I will not charge for appointments cancelled at late notice due to infections but your help in giving as much notice as possible would be appreciated. If your appointment is cancelled we can, at your discretion, either re-book you with myself or one of my associates as a high priority. If you chose to book with an associate I can make your notes available to them so they can continue any treatment plan we were following.

Longer term treatment plans over the following weeks and months

At the end of the chemotherapy treatment I will require a spell of hospital treatment which will put me out of action for at least 2 months in either late spring or early summer. If it looks like this might affect your treatment plan I will keep you informed and we will make suitable arrangements. If all goes to plan it is hoped that after this spell of treatment it is hoped I will no longer be affected by immunosupression, and whilst there will be some on going issues, it is hoped I will be able to return to a much more normal workload.

I prefer to respond to messages personally but due to my reduced capacity I am likely to be slower than usual with my replies. Your understanding in bearing with me on this is also appreciated.

Personal Note

Thank you for taking the time to read this message. You may be interested to know that despite all that’s going on I am still able to smile and consider myself lucky. The care I’m receiving from Nottingham City Hospital is world class and I’m fortunate to have excellent support from family and friends. Also, my osteopathic work is a passion to me. Being able to focus my mind on helping other people whilst being confident that I’m in the best possible hands myself is tremendous therapy. If anything I believe this journey will give me greater insight into the broader issues surrounding health, particularly chronic pain, and I look forward developing this in my clinical practice moving on.