Martynas Zilinskas – Physiotherapist

Martynas is an Associate Physiotherapist here at Lace Market Clinic. He graduated with an MSc Physiotherapy from the University of East Anglia in 2016 and has worked within musculoskeletal setting ever since. He is an HCPC registered and in addition to the private work, he is a senior physiotherapist at the National Health Service..

Martynas takes a hands on approach to physiotherapy and combines this style with an evidence based approach to treatment. He believes in taking with his physiotherapy clients to thoroughly review various factors potentially influencing patient’s symptoms.

Martynas uses his experience gained from the NHS setting to asses his patients thoroughly and strongly believes that physiotherapy care should address the person as a whole – their mind, body and spirit. Be prepared to answer questions about your past medical history, previous injuries, stress levels, diet and lifestyle. He will then assess the integrity of musculoskeletal and neurological systems, biomechanics, movement patterns, strength and weaknesses. His treatment style is based on three main pillars – hands on techniques, education and advice and exercise prescription/ lifestyle changes. These involve mobilisation, stretching, muscle energy techniques, soft-tissue massage, and proprioceptive work.The emphasis and proportion of time spent on a particular modality varies from patient to patient. We provide a patient-centred care, therefore, sessions are adjusted to your needs. The main aim is to restore your body’s function, mobility, strength, stability and overall fitness. 

Martynas has also a degree in Medical Sciences. The unique combination of two degrees allows him to have a good insight of person’s health and provide a holistic treatment approach. .

Sports Background

Martynas has been always involved in active lifestyle. He has played semi-professional basketball whilst studying in Wales and Norwich. Whilst in university, he was part of Elite Athlete scheme as a basketball player. His jersey has been retired at the end of 2 years at the University of East Anglia. He still runs and plays basketball on a daily basis.

Martynas is experienced and comfortable to treating pain anywhere in the body and has a particularly interest shoulder pain and dysfunction where he takes a progressive view to rehabilitation because he knows the problem is rarely just in the shoulder.

He has links with Norwich FC with which he conducted a research on young athlete maturation and growth. He also has experience working with the Barnsley FC first team.