Liam Slater – Sports Massage (Student Osteopath)

Photo of Liam Slater Sprts Massage Therapist outside Lace Market Clinic Nottingham
Liam Slater – Sports Massage Therapist

Liam is a sports massage therapist and also practices western medical acupuncture. He is also a third-year osteopathy student with the College of Osteopaths at Staffordshire University. Liam has worked in health, fitness and sport for over 20 years. In his early career he played professional football for Notts County FC and then headed to the USA to play and coach football. In 2009, Liam qualified as a Personal Trainer and has worked for large chain gyms in the UK and Dubai. This is what set him on his way to pursue a qualification in Sports Massage..

After qualifying as a sports massage therapist, Liam wanted to learn more about human anatomy and this was the first step into pursuing a career as an Osteopath. ‘Having had various treatments from physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths, I always wanted to pursue a career where I knew I could help people not only become fitter and healthier but also pain free.’

As part of the treatment Liam will complete a postural assessment, looking for any restrictions within the joints and imbalances within muscle tissue. He uses a variety of techniques and tools in his treatments to help get to the root of the patient’s problem. Soft tissue, articulation and muscle energy techniques are some of the techniques that Liam will use as well as tools such as cupping and the Hypervolt (a vibration massage device) to help get the best possible result.

Liam has a keen interest in working with athletes from all sporting backgrounds. He can help aid performance through treatment and programming to aid and boost recovery which can help to prevent future injury.

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Sports Massage Testimonials

I’ve had 2 much needed sports massages with Liam now and would highly recommend him. He’s also really knowledgeable and helpful in giving you exercises and things to do to help improve mobility and continue to make your body feel better. Definitely worth booking in with him if you’re in any pain etc whether you train or not.

Kirsty, H. July 2017

I’ve had three neck/shoulder/back sports massage treatments so far with Liam and the results have been fantastic. Noticed a big improvement after the first one – big reduction in pain and I’ve gained range of motion. Recommend him wholeheartedly!

Jason, B. Oct 2018