Lateral Hip Pain (Trochanteric Bursitis)

Trochanteric BursitisLateral hip pain with no associated trauma, often worse at night especially when lying on the affected side is a common presentation at Lace Market Clinic. It is seen in males and females and is often seen in novice runners, runners who have increased their speed or distance and older walkers.  And, it’s one of my favourite conditions to treat.


  1. I used to be really bad at treating it.
  2. Many other professionals are very bad at treating it so I often see people with lateral hip pain after they’ve had unsuccessful treatment elsewhere.
  3. Untreated it can linger for a very long time, cause a lot of misery and is likely to return.
  4. Dr Google prescribes foam rolling the iliotibial band which often doesn’t help and really hurts!
  5. I only got good at treating it after I realised:
    1. It probably isn’t a bursitis
    2. Stretching the iliotibial band only gives short term relief at best.

If this seems like a familiar story please book in for  a guaranteed different approach to treating this  tricky presentation.