Hannah Williams – Osteopath.

Hannah is an experienced associate osteopath and a keen Yogi who strongly believes in empowering her patients to take an active interest in their treatment plans and diagnosis. She knows that taking time with her patients, to help them fully understand where, why and how their issues have arisen, is a vital component of managing and preventing re-injury.

Most of Hannah’s clients come through word of mouth. She’s sees a lot of city centre workers with postural issues and back pain associated with stress and or sitting at a desk and she also sees a lot of clients with sports injuries. She has a particular interest in sacroiliac joint dysfunction and lumbar pelvic pain.

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Osteopathic Treatment Style

Hannah combines a hands-on approach with exercise and lifestyle advice to give a holistic approach to her osteopathic treatments.

As with many osteopaths Hannah has spent many years refining her hands-on skills. All treatments are tailored to the individual client and can include gentle or more robust techniques as required. She regularly uses soft tissue massage and fascial release, advanced muscle energy type muscle stretching and activation as well as joint focused techniques like tractions, articulations and high velocity low amplitude thrusts (Joint Clicking!). Hannah is also qualified to use Acupuncture as an adjunct to osteopathy which is provided at no extra cost when indicated.

Background, further training, skills and interests

Hannah graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University, with a Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine. Since then she has worked around the UK and spent a year in a busy clinic in Barbados before returning home and settling in her home town of Nottingham. She has a keen personal interest in Yoga and enjoys combining this interest with her osteopathic treatments. She holds post graduate qualifications in osteopathic acupuncture, Kinesio-taping and osteopathic care during and after pregnancy.

Health Insurance

Many health insurers will cover the cost of part or all of your osteopathic treatment. If you wish to use health insurance please contact us before hand so we can make arrangements to bill directly to your insurer before you come in, or work on the basis that we will take payment from you and issue a receipt which you will need to use for claim back.


Hannah is available at Lace Market Clinic on Monday afternoons and early evening and Wednesday mornings starting from 8am.

What Hannah’s Clients Say

I’ve had a number of treatments from Hannah over the past couple of years for recurring shoulder and back issues. She has always been able to find and treat the route of the issue and reduce any pain and inflammation even in a single session. Hannah is clearly very knowledgeable in the field of Osteopathy and dedicated to making her service effective and valuable for her patients. I would definitely recommend Hannah’s work to anyone looking for a means of regular treatment for muscular/join pain!

Eddie, May ’19

I’ve been struggling with back issues for years and blamed having two hidden illnesses for the discomfort, I have fibromyalgia & cps. Following a recent flare up it was time to make a judgement call and use Hannah’s services, not only have I been treated as an individual and made to feel like a normal person, I also feel a million times better!

Sleeping better, moving better, my posture has improved ten fold and my Sciatica is reducing weekly. Would recommend to anyone, you’ll be treated with respect and to a very professional level, you won’t be disappointed at all.

Jay, Sept ’18

General Osteopathic Council Registration Mark - Hannah Williams

I came to see Hannah after injuring my ankle rock climbing. She was quick to highlight the problems I had and gave me some really useful advice. Wonderful treatment, I would recommend to all!

Alex, Sept ’16