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We aim to serve no first-party cookies that identify you personally as of the 26th May 2012.

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What are cookies?

Despite what you may have already heard, cookies are not evil. Cookies are essentially small text files which are stored in a user’s cookie folder. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to your browser and the website you are using. Cookies can be accessed either by the website that set them or by your computer. Cookies allow web sites to deliver a pages tailored to a particular user.

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If you want to know what the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK says about the EU Cookie Law,

visit the ICO guide on cookies

What happens if you ‘Accept’ our cookies?

The following table shows a list of 1st and 3rd party cookies that could be set if you accept the use of cookies. Some of these cookies are essential to the functionality of this web site, while others provide site enhancements like social media feedback and video content.

We may collect information about the web site usage, such as the pages viewed and how many visitors we receive daily. This information is collected in aggregate form, without identifying any individual visitor. We may use this aggregate, statistical data for analysis, marketing, or similar promotional purposes.

For further information on cookies, please feel free to contact us.

PREFGoogle MapsThis cookie stores your map preferences information.
NIDGoogle MapsThis cookie stores a unique identifier to allow traffic analysis on Google Maps usage.
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEYoutubeThis cookie is used to determine which version of the Youtube homepage you get if you visit it directly from the player.
PREFYoutubeThis cookie is used to store user preferences when viewing pages containing embedded video content.
__utmaGoogle AnalyticsThis cookie keeps track of the number of times you have been to our web site. When your first visit was, and when your last visit occurred.
__utmbGoogle AnalyticsThis cookie stores a timestamp of the exact time you enter the web site. Analytics can use this to calculate how long you stay on the web site.
__utmcGoogle AnalyticsThis cookie stores a timestamp of the exact time you leaves the web site. Along with __utmb this is used to calculate the length of your visit.
__utmzGoogle AnalyticsThis cookie stores your originating source. Analytics can use this to tell whether you used a search engine to find us, whether you clicked on a link from another website, or whether you simple decided to type our address into your browser.