Adam’s Health & Clinic Closure

In November 2019 I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Initially I had planned to continue working, whilst undergoing chemotherapy. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works! I am currently in isolation with my family.

What is Multiple Myeloma (MM)?

MM is a form of blood cancer. Whilst MM is defined as ‘incurable’ there is a lot that can be done with treatment to extend life. MM is caused by a genetic mutation. There’s no family history and none of the usual cancer related predisposing factors apply. Essentially, it’s just bad luck. At 43 I’m young to get MM. The average age for diagnosis is about 70. This makes getting a prognosis difficult and probably not worth thinking about too much. That said, I’m hopeful of having a decent amount of time to squeeze a good amount of love and wisdom into my children and the pressure of saving money for nursing home fees has been removed!

The Story so far.

I was diagnosed in November the day before my son William was born. I started chemotherapy 1 week after that. The plan was to reduce the cancer levels with 4-6 cycles of chemotherapy to a level where I could have a stem cell transplant (SCT) which, if successful, would enable me to return to a normal, unmedicated life for at least a few years.

Then Corona Virus happened! Covid 19, is a worry for anybody on Chemo, but unfortunately MM directly affects the immune system so MM patients are thought to be at especially high risk. Covid has affected my treatment in 2 ways: My chemotherapy has been watered down and the plan to do an SCT has been put on hold. I’m not sure if I should be more worried about this than I am but I feel completely reassured by the care I am receiving from the team at Nottingham City Hospital so I’m happy to just go with the flow with no desire to second guess a best course of action.

As I write this I’m in Isolation with my family, but when things return to normal for the rest of the population it looks like I may need to continue in isolation for quite a long time. I’m bracing for the possibility of being in isolation until a vaccine is available, ie possibly 12 months!

My Work

Much of my osteopathic work is with chronic musculoskeletal pain. I’ve often found that helping my patients understand their pain can empower them to get better control of their mind and body. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see how much of my professional knowledge I’ve been able to apply in my own fight and the geek in me is excited to see how my newfound deeper understanding might influence my work in the future.

Unfortunately, the possibility of a long period in isolation and uncertainty over my STC has made long term planning impossible. I have therefore made the difficult decision to close the clinic at Russell Place. I love my work and am keen to return to practice as soon as possible but I just don’t know when or exactly where that might be but hopefully it will be in no more than 12 months or so somewhere in or close to Nottingham City centre.

In the meantime, I am contactable via Facebook or e-mail so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of any assistance to you

Registered Osteopath, GOsC 7813