Acupuncture Pins


Adam practices western medical acupuncture, which is a derivative of the Chinese style. This approach integrates current knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology, and the principles of evidence based medicine.

Adam practices acupuncture as an adjunct to Osteopathy. This means his prescription is based on an osteopathic diagnosis making it ideal for treating musculoskeletal pain including myofascial and trigger point symptoms.

Adam uses acupuncture to treat most areas of the body and has found particularly good results with back (upper and lower) shoulder and knee symptoms. The number of pins/needles required for a treatment varies according to the diagnosis and dosage required. Typically Adam will use between 3 to 15 pins on a single treatment. If you have never had acupuncture before we will generally use a smaller dose on the first treatment as some people can have a strong reaction leaving them feeling very tired and in extreme cases nauseas.

Many people find acupuncture deeply relaxing. If you feel tired after a treatment we either recommend you go for a brisk walk before driving home or get somebody else to drive you.

Western Medical Acupuncture is sometimes referred to as Dry Needling. These two terms are interchangeable. The Chinese variety is sometimes called ‘Classical’ or ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).’ This variant deals with Qi.

We make no extra charge for acupuncture and often use a mix of treatments in a single visit. Please let Adam know at the start of your session if you’re keen to try acupuncture.

This page from the British Medical Acupuncture Society website gives some interesting back ground to regulation of Acupuncture. Please contact us if you have any questions..