About Elaine – Remedial & Vocal Massage

Elaine Atkinson. Vocal Massage Specialist

Elaine Atkinson, Remedial & Vocal Massage Specialist.

After completing her degree in music from University College, Salford Elaine spent the first 20 years of her career in music education but then an ongoing back issue coupled with her inquisitive nature prompted her to take a course in Clinical Sports and Remedial Massage. Elaine qualified in Soft Tissue Therapy in 2014, she had intended to use this qualification to fix her own back but less than a year later, she was running her own clinic, EAST Sports Therapy, in Newark. She has now shifted career completely to physical therapy sharing her time between EAST Sports Therapy and Code Fitness in Newark where she works as an Injury Rehabilitation Specialist and here at LMC where she combines her love for music and physical therapy with vocal massage. At LMC Elaine provides vocal massage for singers and people from all over the UK who suffer from vocal fatigue and sports remedial massage for dancers and performers as well as anybody else who might benefit from a sports massage treatment.

Since her career change focus Elaine has committed to ongoing professional development training in both her areas of interest. She has completed extra training in clinical sports therapy rehabilitation and vocal Massage with Christian Platts of the Active Health Group in Manchester and she is a member of the British Voice Association.

Elaine feels fortunate to have a career where she is able to combine her love for music and active health. She believes the fact she enjoys her work so much is the key to maintaining her energy and focus to always treat every client as an individual and get to the root cause of the problem.

Elaine treats a wide range of injuries, aches, pains and conditions, vocal and non-vocal, sporting and non sporting. She is also a qualified personal trainer so can provide programmes to improve fitness, stamina and strength for sports people and performers alike. If you would like more information about Elaine’s services you can contact her direct on: