Slow Motion Video Analysis for Running Injuries

This runner was not aware she was leaning to the left. This imbalance was easily reduced with specific stretching leading to a more balanced running style much less prone to injury.

Slow motion video analysis is appropriate for runners of all ability levels. It enables us to identify problems with your running technique that might be causing you to get injured. To complete a full assessment you will need to run for up to 4 minutes in two 2 minute bursts so we can video you from the back and side. If you are not able to run for at least 4 minutes without significant pain it would be more appropriate to book an initial consultation for osteopathy.

You should bring your usual running shoes (Please clean of any mud) and any orthotics you wear or have been prescribed previously. Please remember we want to see how your whole body is moving so tight fitting running clothes top and bottom are best. Long baggy shorts are useless!

We do not charge any extra for video assessment but if you would like to take advantage of this service please  mention it when booking your appointment.