Osteopathy, Sports Massage and Acupuncture are all charged at the same rate. Gift vouchers are available.

Appointment Type
First Appointment (Adam)
Up to 80 Mins
Follow Up (Adam)
Up to 40 Mins
Double Follow Up (Adam)
Up to 80 Mins
Technical Running Analysis & Training (Tom)
1 hr

Appointment times are approximate because we treat pain and injuries. Everybody requires something different. Our long slots give us time to deal with most eventualities but not every presentation needs the full slot length.We are open Monday – Friday. To view exact clinic hours please follow the link to view the diary below.We accept cash, credit and debit cards and Pingit. We don’t accept cheques or American Express, sorry!Credit and Debit Cards Accepted

Click here to view Adam’s diary and book appointments.

Click here to view Tom’s diary and book appointments.

Gift Vouchers or Pre-pay*

Treatment vouchers are available. Please either pay below or contact us to arrange a convenient time to pop in. Once we’ve received payment we will send you a voucher letter to pass on on the special day.

Please select the treatment(s) you require:
Name of Recipient:


*Gift voucher & pre-pay term and conditions


Appointment Types

First Appointment
If you have never been to see us before, you have not been to see us for over 18 months or you wish to present with a new condition you should book one of these for Osteopathy, Sports Massage or Acupuncture. The consultation includes: Case History, Biomechanical / postural assessment and treatment.

Follow Up
Book a F/up if you have been to see us about the same issue in the last 12 months and we are working to a treatment plan.

Double Follow Up
Double F/up appointments are offered for people who aren’t able to get to clinic more regularly. There is no discount for a double follow up session and in almost every circumstances it is better to come for 2 separate appointments. Please don’t hesitate to ask our advice if you are considering double appointment.

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